All of the following uses can be mixed and matched according to your needs. For example, if you are uploading ticket barcodes, but also maintaining a guestlist for checkins by name, then you can easily run both features in parallel for your event.


Event Check Ins

Add your guests via one or more of our widely supported methods (CSV upload, via interface, via email, via SMS text message, via Check In App, via Guestlist App). Add notes, custom fields, and whatever other details you need to track. Then simply log into the checkin app and off you go! Enjoy realtime name searching, offline access, and more. All the reliability of paper, plus speed, efficiency, and accurate reporting.

Guestlist Uploads

The system is very flexible and can accept CSV uploads with a wide range of data inputs: system supported (name, email, notes, etc) and custom (name the field whatever you want, and it will be uploaded as-is).

See this use-case in action in the following case studies:, CODA Nightclub,

Guestlist Check Ins

Clients can specify a checkin template in order to track more than simply whether a guest arrived or not. For example, you may want to track # of additional guests, what they paid at the door, etc.

Barcode Upload & Ticket Scanning

Use the software just like the above, plus mix in tickets and barcodes! We have a wide range of customizability at your fingertips. Using an external ticketing system or managing distribution of tickets yourself? No problem. You can skip our online ticketing module and go straight to a CSV upload. Then use our onsite app to scan via the device camera (slower) or rent laser barcode scanners from us (fast).

Integrate Own Ticket Designs

Do you have a design team producing custom tickets? Awesome, we can work with your printer to ensure barcodes are properly added to the ticket and compatible with our scanners.

Distribute Tickets

Generate or upload tickets - distribute via direct email, PDF export, and email campaigns.

Online Registration & Ticketing

Email Invites

Upload a contact list and send out event invites. Works similar to Mailchimp, but with cleaner templates and direct integration into list segmentation with guestlist and tickets.

Event RSVPs

Include a personalized link in your email invites, or export links for your own use, and allow guests to RSVP online. The RSVP process is dynamic and can be tailored to your event parameters. Booking limits (per account or per RSVP), onsale, endsale, quantity limits, and more.

Custom Forms & Survey's

Wide range of custom fields, questions, answers, text boxes, text fields, sliders, multiple choice, checkboxes, and much more.

Sell Tickets Online Event Pages

Easily sell tickets online. Integrate a payment provider of your choice to collect payments directly to your bank account. Robust promotions, discount codes and more are available.

Reserve Tickets

Doing a presale? Want to gauge interest? Allow tickets to be reserved - and have the system send out links for payment automatically when they become available for purchase.

Online Storefront

Sell Merchandise Online Storefront

Products, variants, everything you'd find in an ecommerce solution such as Shopify, Bigcommerce, and Volusion is integrated here, and directly into event pages for seamelss cross-sells and upsells.

Membership Management

Sell Memberships Order Forms

Things you can do... Give `Gold` members $5 off your upcoming event, run an event exclusive to members, sell tickets and upsell memberships during checkout, and more.

Point of Sale

Our iOS App can take credit card payments (swiped, keyed in, or scanned using your camera). Integrates directly into the backend inventory.

Box Office

Sell Through Box Office Tickets, Merch and Memberships via Backend

Sell tickets, manage orders, exchanges, refunds, and more through the web backend and iOS App.

Reserved Seating

Arenas, Stadiums, small theatre's - you name it - we've done it. Contact us for more information regarding reserved seating events.

Resource Assignments Tables, Seats, Lockers, Busses, and more

Use your imagination and assign guests to a thing of your choosing. This feature has been commonly used for a dinner style event, locker rentals within a festival, bus/fleet management, and more.

I think we missed one... or two.

Do you have something unique in mind? Contact us to see if we can meet your needs.