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Conversion optimized to never lose a sale. Built for speed, simplicity. Designed to be clean and fully brandable.

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The Core Process

Event Page Optional

Process eventpage

Order Page Select things to buy.

Process 1

Cart & Checkout Handle extra things and convert to a sale.

Process checkout

Confirmation Process and deliver an email receipt.

Process complete Email with PDF and Apple Passbook Attachment.

Samples From Our Customers


For TEDxVancouver 2014, we provided our full range on registration, support, box office, and onsite barcode scanning for all 2,500 attendees. Ticket transfers and corporate bulk purchases (through our Box Office) were especially important.

Sample 1 big


Harvest Haus, an annual event with 6 events in a weekend, hosts over 6,000 guests. H.H. utilized our full range of event management software modules, including cashless tokens for beer, food, and merch sales inside the venue.

Sample 2 big

Customizable Registration Steps

  • Surveys, Questions & Forms

    Create any sort of custom form with text fields, dropdowns, check boxes, and our integrated "Smart Fields". Connect the form to automated actions based on input.
  • Invitation Required

    Some events just aren't for everyone. Lock down your pages yet seamlessly allow a guest to log in and get past it without hassle.
  • Collect Member Number

    Link the guests member number to their account for easy check in using their member card. Great for student cards, VIP cards, and more.
  • Membership Required

    Make events require a membership (our Membership Plan Feature). Allow guests to easily add the membership to their cart and continue to checkout without starting over or making multiple orders.
  • Register

    Guests create accounts in order to manage their tickets, and that you can uniquely associate records to a single person. Our process is seamless and makes it feel very un-create-account-like.
  • Billing & Shipping Address

    Some products are digital (tickets), some are physical. Only collect shipping address when needed.
  • Payment

    We support a wide range of payment methods- yours or ours. See below for more information.
  • Confirmation

    When the order is done and paid, navigate the guest to their account / member portal to manage their tickets, orders, and more.
  • Presale Password / Access Code

    Require specific links to be locked down with a password. Customize the graphics. Perfect for your promotion partners.

  • Robust Promotion Rules Engine Guest Point of View

  • Update Cart

    Easily update the contents of your cart during checkout.
  • Discount & Promo Codes

    Offer promo codes - nothing new here.
  • Social Incentives & Sharing

    Offer discounts or incentives for sharing to Facebook - and track the results back to an individual level or birds eye view.
  • Membership Discounts

    Members subscribed to a particular plan can receive discounts on specific tickets. Or, you have to be a Member to purchase a kind of ticket - and easily sell the membership in one step,
  • Hidden Link Discounts

    This discount will be transparently applied when a guest has the secret link. Useful instead of using a discount code.
  • Up-Sells and Cross-Sells

    Sell related and upgradeable products coherently within the checkout flow.

  • And More

    Mix and match any rules and actions to create the ultimate promotion.

    Per Guest Limits

    Set a maximum number of times a promotion can be used per guest (for example, placing multiple orders).

    Total Usage Limits

    Set a maximum number of times a promotion can be used.

    Product Rule

    The guest must have particular products and quantities of that product in their cart in order for the promotion to trigger.

    Order Discount

    Adjusts the entire order for a dollar amount.

    Line Item Discount

    Adjust only specific products directly in the cart.

    Add Products

    A promotion can also be triggered to add products to the cart. Use with Line Item Discount for some creative discounts!

    Payments. Free or Paid Supported

    Online Payment Methods

    Collect payments easily online.

    Merchant Account

    For larger events with account management support, you may use our own Credit Card Processing (paid out via Bank Transfer), or bring your own Merchant Account. For Canada, we also provide Interac Online.

    Contact us for more information.

    Stripe COMING SOON

    For a fast, easy, and streamlined checkout experience, bring your Stripe Account. Get paid right away. It's your money.


    PayPal is a big, global processor and its bound to increase your sales. Plug in your account to enable Checkout with PayPal.

    Offline & Backend Payment Methods

    Record and track orders made through the Point of Sale or Box Office.


    Record a payment by check and reconcile later.


    Cash is king. Cash payment via backend is marked as received, and 'pending collection' if enabled for the guest.


    Prepare a shopping cart for the guest, and send a link to pay online directly to their email inbox.


    Issue the order now, send a PDF invoice, record the final payment later. Easily view orders with Balance Due.

    Social Integration

    All of our registration and checkout pages are heavily optimized for mobile phone browsers. Everything scales down to fit the phone neatly. And our forms are simple, fast, and easy to use - a necessity when your customers are on the go and need to make it happen quickly.

    Visit our section on backend management tools to see how we track this social graph, multi-level referral data, and how we automatically enable your fan as a promoter to drive sales.

    Twitter Cards

    Social twittercard

    Facebook Previews

    Social fbshare

    Like Box

    Social like

    Share Dialog

    Social share Every link that gets shared is unique and generated on the fly in order to associate directly to the guest sharing it. This builds out a social tree graph of wonderful referral data.

    Facebook Login

    Social login

    Use our login app so your guests can easily purchase tickets without creating an account. Contact us to get your own branded Facebook Login App (enterprise only).

    Message Friends

    Social message

    Quickly send a uniquely tracked link to guests all within the event page. We take care of tracking anyone that further visits using that guests link.

    Guests Attending Photos

    Mobile scan cc

    Mobile First

    All of our registration and checkout pages are heavily optimized for mobile phone browsers. Everything scales down to fit the phone neatly. And our forms are simple, fast, and easy to use - a necessity when your customers are on the go and need to make it happen quickly.

    Mobile 1
    Mobile 2
    Mobile 3

    Bases Covered.

    Data Export

    Export Orders and all needed data directly to a CSV file. Live filtering.


    Customize the look and feel of your page. Unlike most ticketing companies - we don't push our own services on your pages. Dig into the CSS or use our great looking, clean defaults.


    All of our pages are 256-bit SSL encrypted and PCI Compliant. Credit Card data never even passes through our servers - they are sent directly from the customers browser to the banking portal. This ensures that even if our database is compromised - no billing information can be leaked.


    Our site serves the most minimum possible amount of content to ensure blazing fast load times. All of our content is distributed across many datacenters all over the world to ensure lowest possible latency.


    Registering many thousands of guests becomes orders of magnitude harder as many ticketing systems crumple as soon as you break the hundreds. We have a proven track record delivering full service event management to events of over ten thousand attendees - both at time of purchase and at the gate.

    Browser Compatible

    Registration systems need to be compatible with all of the browsers - especially old versions of Internet Explorer. Thanks to our clean layout, we've made that much easier and are proud to advertise 100% browser compatibility across all operating systems.

    Account Management

    When events become larger than a thousand people - it's very important for you to have dedicated help and support throughout the entire onsale and checkin. We offer full-service account management, onsite checkins, and more. Please contact us for details.

    Platform Integration

    Registration fits directly into our ecosystem of inter-related event management modules - from the storefront to the check in app, to ticketing, to the Box Office.

    Integrates w/ Your Website

    Our order forms can be easily embedded directly into your website or as a popup widget inside of your website.

    Advanced Capabilities

    Unlimited Order Form Links

    Create many pages, hidden or public, with specific purchase options for each. Great for separating public and sponsor/partner registrations, or simply to track your different marketing channels and campaigns.

    Inventory Holding Timers

    Tracking stock levels, making sure that guests can purchase the ticket they selected after checking out, making sure you don't oversell... are all things you think are common in a ticketing system - but they're not.

    Price Tiers

    Instead of duplicating ticket types and products, we make it better (for reporting purposes and more) to seamlessly allow different price points and options.

    Product Variations

    Akin to price tiers - variations allow you to create things such as S, M, LG, XL or Yellow, Green, Blue Shirts in one setup process.

    Product Packages

    Unique to our platform - packages link with the products. For example, a ticket type, a membership, a donation, and a discount pass/credit are all things that you want to track redemption for at your events.

    Returns, Reimbursements, Refunds

    Return Authorizations, customer returns, advanced reimbursement bundles, etc are all modules that make up what a refund actually is. You think it's just a simple credit - but there is usally more data and reporting that you need to track to make sure stock levels and other things are managed correctly.

    Onsite Digital Redemption Tracking

    Linked to our Product Packages, when you scan a guests barcode, you'll want to redeem various things like tickets and credits (perhaps as a cashless system), and then track who scanned it.

    Collect Donations

    Step donation Easily collect donations from guests during the registration process by letting them punch in a number. Can't get more simple than that.

    Cashless Token System

    For example, you can build a product that contains 30 "tokens", that, when purchased, assigns 30 tickets to the guests profile, usable across any of your events. Simply scan the guests barcode (it holds all their tickets and tokens) to redeem. Scanners can be set to only redeem certain kinds of tickets or tokens - for example a scanner used at the gate vs a scanner used at the bar.

    Merchandise Pickup

    Using the same technology as the Cashless Token System, you could run a merchandise booth: scan the guests barcode and it will tell you if you need to give them any of their prepurchased products.