Guest Check In Manager

for iOS

Event Check Ins, Guest List & Ticket Scanning, Custom Check In Types, Notes, Custom Fields, Repeat Database Management.

Check In Guests

  • Name
  • Email
  • Member ID

Scan Tickets

  • Import Your Own
  • Use Ours
  • Integrate Your Member Card

Realtime Summaries

  • Out/Open/In Filters
  • Ticket Type
  • Counts

Guest Manager for iPad and iPhone is part of our suite of Event Management Applications. This App is specifically designed to run your door operations: check in, scanning, guest services, Will Call, Box Office Support, and more.

Get Started Checking In Your Guests
Guest Check In Manager is the fastest check in app on the market, capable of handling events of over 30,000 guests.
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Guest Check In Manager
Give the app a spin with this demo account login:
Company Password: gcyoeeuw
PIN #: 5542
Quick & Easy Test Drive

Works Offline

Wi-Fi is notorious at venues. Thats why our app can go completely offline and never miss a beat. As soon as a connection is established - we push up all the changes for you.

Syncs Between Devices

Other apps claim this, few deliver. And one step better, our syncing is in realtime. (Check out our videos for a demo)

Large Events

Has been used in numerous large festivals and events from 5,000-25,000 attendees.

Unlimited Devices

Use the same login for all or create unique PIN login for each device.

iPad and iPhone

Simply download the app from the App Store, log in, and you are ready to check guests in.

Fast, Helpful Support

Event organizers have a lot of questions. There's a lot on the line. We understand that - so we reply to all inquiries in minutes (couple hours tops).

Custom Check In Types

Customize the information you track when checking in guests. Record additional check ins for a single guest list- such as spouses, friends, etc.

One Database

Track repeat visits and a single unified guest profile that aggregates all their attendence to your events.

Last Minute Adds

Add guests directly from the app, from the web, and much more.

Arrival Alerts

Get notified when VIPs arrive. Can be set on a per guest level, or configure your staff members to get notified automatically based on parameters.

Realtime Reporting

All devices stay in sync and let you view a total checkin count, broken down by type, list, and more. Go online for the full report.

Checkin Notes

Add as many distinct notes for each guest. Export notes later to a CSV file.

Duplicate Checkins

When scanning tickets, sometimes you let a ticket through twice. With our duplicate scan report, you can monitor these occurrences.

Tallies & Walkups

If you don't have enough time to take down names, no problem. Use our builtin counters. Create and label as many counters as needed.

List Segmentation

Segment your lists by staff, source, guest list name, or anything else you want.

Plus Ones

Built-in support for handling many guests under a single name.

Choose a Check In Method

Keyboard Lookup

Built In. You're All Set!

Camera Scanner Barcodes

Built In. You're All Set!

Laser Scanners External Attachment

More info and demo below.

Scan from...

Anything that has a barcode or magstripe can be used to check-in.

Ticket PDF

Good old fashioned paper.

Order Email

Grab the barcode directly from the email.

Membership Card

Magstripe? You bet. Swipe and go'.

Apple Passbook

Geo-tagged ticket? Awesome. Sign me up. Get your own design.

Phone Screen

Low light, glare, phone screen, you name it - we can scan it.

Barcode Scanners

iPad, iPhone, and iPod. Faster and more reliable than scanning with the built-in camera. Recommended for events 1000+.

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