Modular event management software to serve one, or all, of your requirements.

Managed Solution

Free Consultation & Estimate Pay By Quote/Invoice Per Event or Annual We Work For You
Per Event or Annual By Quote

First Event Invoice eligible as a deposit towards future annual license.

Enterprise Level Features
White Label Branding
Time Sensitive
Dedicated Account Manager
Mission Critical Execution & Delivery
All Features & Addons (Tailored to Needs)
Complex Requirements & Advanced Configuration

Catered To Businesses

You have many events to manage year-round and are interested in an all-in-one price and software solution to take care of it all.

Large Festivals, Conferences, Seminars
Event Management Companies
PR Agencies
Multi Property Venues
Activity & Tour Bookings
Tradeshows & Exhibitions

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DKIM/SPF Email Deliverability
Integration & Development
Annual Pricing & Invoicing
0% Transaction Fees
Custom Branded Mobile App
Dedicated Account Manager
Full Onboarding Support & Training
Onsite Services Available
Private/White Labeling & Branding
On Site Staff & Management
Managed Merchant Account & Financial Services
Independent Merchant Account, Payment Gateway
Human Interface To The Software

Free Consultation & Quote

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Self Service Product

Free Trial To Start (CC Required) Pay By Credit Card Predictable Pricing
  • 50 Free Credits
  • Occasional or One Time Use View Credit Packages


    Pay only for what you use. Use credits towards things like checkins.

    Suited For
    Basic Event Check In, Ticket Scanning
    Basic Email Support
    No Event Limit: Reusable Credits
  • 7 Day Free Trial
  • Consistent Use View Monthly Plans


    For customers running events regularly, we have monthly pricing plans.

    Suited For
    Nightclubs & Venues
    Weekly Events
    Staff & Promoter Tracking
    Compare Past Event Performance

    Prices listed in USD.


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    Interested to pay just one simple blended price per month? Then our subscription plans are for you.



    Core Features
    100 Guests Per Event
    1 Weekly Event



    All From Basic +
    600 Guests Per Event
    2 Weekly Events
    Staff Tracking



    All From Premium +
    1400 Guests Per Event
    7 Weekly Events
    CRM Module

    Credits Pay As You Go.

    Credits are purchased in packages - and used like cell phone minutes. Credits can be used across any event, at any time, and they never expire.

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    A credit is used when...

    A guest is checked in
    A guest is added by SMS

    A credit is NOT used when...

    A guest is uploaded
    An event is created

    Credit Packages


    100 credits.


    300 credits.


    800 credits.


    2,000 credits.


    4,500 credits.


    10,000 credits.

    When Is A Credit Used?



    Ticket Check In

    When using our iOS Check In App, either a manual lookup + swipe to checkin, or a barcode scan will count.



    Guest List Check In

    Pretty much the same as a ticket check-in, whenever a counter on a guestlist is increased will count.



    Add Guest By SMS

    When adding names to the guest list via SMS text message.



    Event Invite

    If you need to track and send invites to guests, that will cost 1 credit.



    Form Response

    When someone fills out a custom form you create. Forms can be surveys, questionnaires, RSVPs, guestlist requests, etc.

    Barcode Scanner Rentals

    See Pricing

    For Ticket Scanning and Point of Sale

    Our preferred vendor is Honeywell. From our tests, they produce by far the best scanners available for the iOS Platform.

    Why Only iOS?

    The quality of Android barcode scanners does not meet our requirements. Honeywell produces iOS only. Additionally, it is a big undertaking to deliver bug-free, realtime, reliable, and fast check in software for one platform alone. We've decided to focus on delivering the best possible experience for one platform: iOS.

    Per Ticket & Registration Pricing

    For Ticket Scanning and Point of Sale

    When you are selling tickets or accepting event registrations online, we follow a simple transactional fee. If you process high volume or are interested in our managed solution, please contact us for discounted pricing.

    Managed Payments? Independent Merchant Account?

    Contact us if you are interested in utilizing our managed merchant account facilities and financial services.

    Get Started For Free!

    All of our pricing plans offer an easy way to try out the software completely free, all features included.

    Top Questions

    Can I cancel anytime?

    Yes. We do not lock you into any financial agreements. Simply export your data, call it quits, and move on.

    Can I change my plan?

    Anytime. If at any time you want to move from Pay As You Go to a Monthly Subscription, no problem. There are no penalties.

    Do you offer support?

    Yes! Contact us anytime using the live chat window at the bottom right of your screen. For more options, please take a look at our contact page.

    Is there a free trial?

    Yes, all of our pricing plans offer a completely free way to get started - all software features included.

    Do I need extra hardware to check in?

    No. Our check in app has a built-in camera scanner as well as ability to look up by name. For large events we recommend barcode scanners.

    How are credits counted?

    For the Pay As You Go Plan, A credit is used when you check a guest in via the iPad or iPhone App. That means you can upload as many guests as you want to the system without getting charged a cent.

    When should I use the Managed Solution?

    You don't have the time or desire to learn the inner-workings of the software. You just need to job done now, and done professionally by those who use and work with it everyday. You have complex requirements that warrant professional advice on the optimal setup and configuration. You have unique internal processes beyond basic check, such as tracking additional guest data and metrics.

    More questions?

    Email us: