• Import your own barcodes
  • Use our optimized 1D/2D + PDF barcodes
  • Link membership cards or existing ID system
  • Reads from phone screens
  • Valids, not founds, duplicates, and lookups.
  • Self contained (just add internet)
  • Wireless & Portable
  • Synced & Linked
  • Onsite or Remote Support Available

Choose a form factor

Our scanners are a sleeve that fits into your iOS device. It can scan barcodes (all types), and swipe magnetic cards (member cards, credit cards, and more).

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We stand behind Honeywell as our preferred barcode scanner. They are faster than other competing products, more professional, and the only scanner that has kept up with our fast-paced requirements serving the events and hospitality market. Honeywell is a well-known global leader in barcode imaging solutions.

Tablet iPad Mini (all models) Captuvo sl62

Handheld iPod 5 Touch, iPhone 5/5s

Captuvo sl42
  • Most versatile
  • Best when scanning & searching

  • Compact, fits in the pocket
  • Perfect for festivals and large events w/ many gates

Intuitive Feedback

Green you're good. Yellow is used. Red means not found. Easy enough?


Scan any barcode, look up by name, lookup by credit card swipe, print badges, and more, all using our fully enclosed iOS devices equipped with Honeywell scanners.


Instant Scans

The app downloads a local copy of the database to validate tickets. No round-trips to the internet are required.

Local Database

Our advanced syncing technology keeps an exact copy of the server database, right on the iOS device. This is the foundation to allow offling scanning and instant scans.

Offline Mode

Lose internet? No problem. Because all the data is downloaded in advance, you can flit in and out of internet connectivity. Scans are synced when possible. No need to switch to offline mode - that is detected automatically.

Scan Log

Download a full audit report at any time from your computer.

Duplicate Scan Report

If devices are offline, and a ticket is scanned by both devices - then both scans are approved. Bummer, but at least we can produce a log of all these occurances.

Realtime Checkins

All data is communicated in realtime to all collected clients. There are no limits to the number of scanners you can have. Internet connection is required for realtime.

Battle Tested

Our app is scalable. We've done arena and stadium events of 20,000+ people.

Upload Your Own Database

You can bypass using our registration and ticketing system. Simply upload a CSV of your own barcode numbers.

Tickets Grouped By Name

When using our registration system, this happens automatically. It makes serving name and willcall lookups easier. If importing your own data, simply make sure the Email & Guest Name columns are the same for all relevant rows (tickets).

Realtime Reporting

Each device shows a simplified report of scans by ticket type, guestlist, and more. Jump over to the computer to export the granular reports.

All Barcode Types Supported

QR, PDF417, 1D, Code 128, Code 39, Code 93, and many more are all fully supported in both our camera scanner and laser scanner.

Lookup Mode

When scanning tickets or barcodes, the app can be put into "lookup mode" - the guests profile is brought up and allows you a chance to review and/or make edits before checking in.

Validate Mode

The default mode, validate, will auto-validate tickets as you scan them, flashing a green, yellow, or red result on the screen, along with the guests name and ticket type.

Get In Touch

Interested? Please send us an email to sales@guestmanager.com . We look forward to discussing your event.

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You're In Good Hands

Hundreds of companies trust Guest Manager - from small private events to 20,000+ festivals.

Support & Training

We stand by our product and service 100%. We can help with set up, configuration, and training of your new check in system.


For mission critical events, peace of mind, and a hassle-free experience... we'll send you a trained Account Manager and scanner in a box. Get in touch with us for details.


On call support to make sure everything goes smoothly.


We ship to the United States. We have overnight, 2 day, 3 day, and standard shipping options. Please contact us to reserve units for your event.

What do I need?

A scanner unit, the compatible iOS device, and a stable WiFi or 4G internet connection is everything you need to begin. And you can add as many more as needed to support your events size.

Is it Apple iOS Only?

Yes. We work with the best manufacturer of barcode scanning products (Honeywell) in order to deliver you the stablest and fastest event check in and barcode scanning solution.

More info about the App

Read more about Guest Manager, see demo videos, and more here.