There are a quite a few guestlist and ticketing solutions available on the web. We'll give you some factual comparison to help your decision, along with why you should or shouldn't use Guest Manager for your commpany.


UrVenue touts itself as the "Industry Standard". It seems that many of the larger nightclubs in Vegas and LA use UrVenue. Examples of the software in use is somewhat hard to find. Our impression is that implementing the software into your operations is as serious of a decision as choosing a Point of Sale platform... due to the buyin and training needed for all parties using it.

Why Choose Guest Manager?

Our Guestlist Checkin App is much more robust and user friendly. But don't hear it from us: One of our customers, was looking for a guestlist management solution for their electronic dance music events, and they specifically reviewed UrVenue and Guest Manager in a two month long beta-test. Needless to say, they found our app platform much simpler, all they have to do is send in their excel file of guests. All the names are matched up against promoters in the system, so when the nightly report gets generated, all promoters get instant transparency into who showed up on their list, and whether they paid discount cover, got comped, and male or female.


VenueDriver seems to have been around the longest. They are owned by the Angel Management Group. Recently it seems that they lost most of their nightclub venue clients to UrVenue. Their guestlist checkin app hasn't been updated in years - we've tried it - and it's nearly unusable.

Why Choose Guest Manager?

VenueDriver requires you to manually input a lot of information in order to see benefits: such as spend, repeat visits, profiles, etc. With Guest Manager, all that stuff happens magically with our name aggregation algorithms, and easy-to-input data capture at the time events occur: a bottle is sold, a guest is checked in, etc. We believe that software should require less work and save you more time - not add it on top. Add at $400/mo, it's not a cheap solution.

Checkin Easy

This app seems to have a lot of positive reviews. It's geared more towards simpler events, such as corporate events, where all that is needed is whether a guest "arrived or not."

Why Choose Guest Manager?

While CheckinEasy does have a better iPad app than UrVenue and VenueDriver, it still hasn't been updated in over a year. CheckinEasy is also not as flexible in how you checkin guests - with Guest Manager you can create your own 'template'. Some examples are: "Full cover, Half cover, free cover" and "Male comp, Male discount, Female comp, Female discount".


One of the newer guestlist apps to the market, it looks like a great piece of software. They also, tend to cater more towards corporate style events.

Why Choose Guest Manager?

One of our clients, Merivale who owns the nightclub Pacha in Sydney, Australia, recently switched from Zkipster to Guest Manager. Why? Well after trying the software, Merivale still found they needed a couple specific features to help them checkin thousands of guests. It was taking them too long to search names on the iPad! We worked together to develop them a barcode system for their promoters such that every week, promoters were to be emailed out their weekly barcode, and anyone that presented that barcode at the door would be credited to that promoters guestlist. End of night reports were delivered to Merivale, who, after reviewing the promoters checkin data, would send out the stats to each promoter through the system.

Bar & Club Stats

Bar & Club Stats got some great press coverage from the Nightclub&Bar Group. They have a product that scans driver licenses, but no guestlist or ticketing features.

Why Choose Guest Manager?

Bar & Club Stats product is one of our features. One of the key benefits of integrating ID Scanning with the guestlist is that when an ID is scanned, the name is cross-checked against the guestlist, where the guest might have a note such as "Added By Joe Promoter, birthday party, 1 comp, rest pay discount". The flexibility is up to you.