Import Methods

Looking for an event check in and guestlist management app? We've got you covered.

Import 1

Import From Excel

Extremely flexible and advanced importing procedures. Smart, eliminates duplicates, generate tickets, barcodes, guest lists, table assignments, and more.
Import 2

Add Guests By Email

Simply send an email to like shown. The sender of the email will be automatically linked to the names added for staff/promoter tracking.
Import 3

Add Guests By SMS

Very popular. Like email, but SMS. Simply add your staff's phone numbers. Guests get tracked. Great for last minute adds.
Import 4

Add Guests By Phone Contact

Using our List Manager App for iPhone - for staff and promoters to manage their own guest lists.
Import 6

Add Guest Copy/Paste

You can do that from a phone?! Yes, yes you can.
Import 5

Add Guest By Facebook Friend

Sometimes life couldn't just get any easier.
Guest 3

Add Guest Form

When you just need to add one guest at a time.
Import 8

Bulk Add

Copy and paste a block of names from your computer. Credit a staff, link, or promoter.
Guest 4

Add Check In Notes

All notes and changes are synced in realtime to every connected iPad and iPhone for checkin.
Import 7

Import Your Own Barcodes

Have your own numbering system set up already? All good. Just import them and start checking in!
Report 1

Hourly Reports

Designed especially for nightclubs who need to track cover charges.

Identity Based Ticketing

Barcode 2

Integrate Membership Card

Student cards, Member IDs, Badge Number, Corporate ID, magstripe, barcode, you name it - can all be integrated and used to check in, instead of a traditional ticket.
Barcode 1

Single Barcode Issued

Guests receive one barcode that can be used for any and all of the tickets on their account.
Guest 1

Unique Accounts

Guests are put through a clever process that results in a unique account - by way of their email address, phone number, member number, Facebook Login, and more.

RSVPs & Online Forms

For collecting responses from your guests for purposes of: RSVPing, guestlist requests, surveys, and collecting additional buyer attendee info during checkout.

Rsvp 2

DIY Fields

Build your form to collect exactly the information you need.
Rsvp 1

Smart Fields

Some fields can do smart things like auto update a guests phone number on file, add a message to their guestlist, and more.
Rsvp 3

Form Actions

Automatic actions to take: send guest an email, send you a notification, sync to a Mailchimp list, auto-add them to the guestlist, and more. Can email do that?
Rsvp 4

Requests Inbox

Responses are queued into your dashboard so any actions (if necessary) can be taken.
Rsvp 5

Request Actions

Approve an invite, add the guest, assign to a table, archive. Inbox zero in no time!
Rsvp 6

Form Pre-Requirements

Link got out? Not to fear, the page can be locked down based on email, invite code, and more.
Rsvp 7

Generate Invitations

Import guests from an excel file, and we'll take care of the rest.
Rsvp 8

Track Status

Whether you are using our email campaign tools or not, we help you track whether a guest has marked attending or not - and if not, we provide insight to why (unsubscrirbed, never opened, etc).
Rsvp 10

One Click RSVPs

Make it very easy and straightforward for your guests to reply. If you're uploading their email and name in advance - that info is prefilled for them.
Rsvp 9

Facebook Login and Sharing

For convenience, optionally allow the guest the login via a social network, saving them time filling out your form. Can be disabled.
Rsvp 11

Customizable, Brandable

Upload a custom background image, banner, adjust colors, and even get access to add custom CSS and JS styling (for the coders out there).
Rsvp 12

Support & Further Customization

Need something tweaked? We want to help make it perfect for you. Just drop us a line. You will never be left stranded with a half-finished page.

Online Ticket Sales & Registration

Product 1

Custom Service Fees and Taxes

Itemize your costs and integrate into your accounting. Allocate payable recipients of each fee/tax for automatic bank transfers.
Product 2

Product Packages

Advanced configuration to make the day of the event easier. For example, sell a Hotel Package that includes 4 VIP tickets, and a bottle of champagne. All tracked when scanned at the door.
Product 3

Product Configuration

On sale, end sale, per order limits, and more.
Link 2

Link Stats

Track just about anything. Unique views, purchases, conversions, tickets, guestlists, and more.
Link 4

Link Visibility

Customize certain tickets or products to show on different links. Good for thinks like special discounts. Alternative to promo codes.
Link 3

Link Settings

In depth control whether its requiring a password, converting the link to a staff members account, customizing text, and more.
Link 1

Trackable Links

Create unique links for tracking and visibility purposes. Create just a named link, or link it to a staff/promoter from your account.
Widget 1

Embeddable Widget

Integrate a popup order form onto your own website so guests never leave your website when placing an order.
Stock 2

Discrete Inventory Units

Refunds, returns, exchanges all get complicated. But not when you have fine-grained tracking into individual units of inventory (tickets, merch, products).
Stock 1

Custom Stock Levels

Share the workload by assigning tickets to other agents or groups.
Ticket 2

PDF Tickets

When selling tickets online, or importing data via CSV, take advantage of generating great looking, fully optimized barcoded PDFs. They can be automatically attached to campaign emails.
Share 1

Social Sharing Discounts & Incentives

Implement sharing incentives during checkout, such as receive $2 for sharing. The system takes care of generating a unique tracking link, to monitor conversions for you. Answer that question, "was it worth it?"
Promotion 1

Custom Promotions

Flat rate discounts, percents, specific user logged in as, share requirement, popup, inline-upsell, and much more.
Event 5

Mobile Checkout

Over 40% of the orders we process come through on a mobile phone. Is your checkout page mobile optimized?
Checkout 1

Remembers Guests Payment Info

When guests log in during checkout, and have saved address & payment info, we will make that available - saving time and increasing sales.
Checkout 2

Box Office Orders

Process sales through your admin dashboard. Great if taking a payment manually, or serving a bulk order request.
Order 1

Order Details

Line items, status, emails, opens, clicks, payments, all the tools you need to monitor incoming sales and serve your guests.
Event 1

Create Events

It is fast and easy to setup new events.
Event 2

Recurring Events

The system will generate you new events every week, pre-configuring your settings and auto-adding all of your staff/promoters.
Event 3

Event Settings

Fine tuned control over every aspect of the event page, styling, graphics, access settings, and more.
Event 4

Clean Beautiful Event Pages

When selling tickets or accepting form requests, you can use our great looking event pages. Or don't: integrate the form/order widget separately on your own website.
Guestlist 1

Guestlist & Ticketing

Manage tickets and guestlist separately in the backend, then have it all integrated together at the door. Take care of comped guests - but keep a close eye on who's getting in for free.
Ticket 1

Multiple Ticket Types

Have as many ticket types as you'd like. They can be imported via CSV, assigned when sold online, or via the box office.
Campaign 1

Email Campaigns

Track opens, clicks, bounces, spam reports, and more. Like your own software? No problem - export all your needed data (barcodes, links) to a CSV and go nuts.
Import 9

Import From Past Event

For convenience, ease of use. We're trying to be flexible, ok?
Table 1

Assign Guest To Table

Keep track of table reservations, availabilities, seating. This feature can even be used very well for other things like locker or bus assignments.
Guest 2

Robust Search Field

Locate any of your guests in seconds. We build and keep a profile for you to reference from event-to-event.
Types 1

Check In Types

Everyone tracks different things at the door. A nightclub wants to know gender and what they paid. A PR event wants to know if someone was given a gift bag. Track it all.
Graph 1

Checkins By Time

A great benefit about using an app for checkins is the rich data you get.
Checkin 1

Checkin Summary

Get a full snapshot of ticketed attendees, guest lists, comps, and more.
Staff 1

Staff Logins

Give staff and admins login accounts for functions like adding guestlists, monitoring sales, etc.
Staff 2

Promoter Check In Performance

How many they added, who showed up, what time, and any additional info such as notes, check in types, etc.
Export 1

Export Attendee Report

Who arrived? When? Who brought them? What were they wearing?

Whew! Hmmm... did we miss anything?