Our enterprise offering lets you use your own custom domain name and manage your event client properties. Enterprise is geared for online ticketing companies who license their software, and for event production companies who have their roledex of client relationships.


Control Over Service Fees

You have full control over setting your own rates. Or, don't have service fees!

Your Own Domain

You will be able to access the software from a custom domain of your choosing. Your clients will get websites such as clientname.yourcompany.com.

Private Branding

Everything becomes yours. All logos or mentions of Guest Manager become your company. We also help you design your Apple Passbook template, ticket PDFs, and powered by footers.

Enterprise Dashboard

A feature not available through the normal software - this dashboard lets you manage all your client accounts, login as them, configure service fees, accounting integration, payment methods, and more.

Peace of Mind

Developer resources are always included in our enterprise plans to ensure that you never hit roadblocks in implementing client needs. We also collaborate together on feature roadmaps.

Language Translations

Our software supports a few languages - and is ready for for. Contact us for details.

Cloud Hosted

We take care of hosting and managing the software for you. This means that you are always running the same version of the codebase as us, which translates to fewer bugs and very frequent updates.


Please email us a little about yourself and your company: sales@guestmanager.com

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Enterprise for?

Companies that have event clients - essentially you are running your own white-labeled version of Guest Manager. This could include: ticketing companies, event production companies, event marketing companies.

Why would I do this?

You have a large roledex of clients and want to diversify the value your clients receive from your services. You've spent years building up relationships - that is your competitive advantage. By using our software, you can focus on the things you do best.

Do I have to support my clients?

Whatever you want. We can maintain a technical role - handling those kinds of questions - and you could handle the onboarding & account management. Or you can pass along technical requests to us.

What are the licensing options?

It depends on what your primary use will be. If its selling tickets online - we can do a service fee payment plan. For other uses, an annual license is offered.

What if I only want to brand the software for myself?

That's OK too. In order to receive your own domain name (something other than yourcompany.guestmanager.com), an Enterprise License is necessary.