Case Study Pre-Telecast Reception and After Party

Country Music Awards

The CMA awards uses Guest Manager to generate 2,500 ticket barcode numbers, integrates them into their in-house ticket designs, and rents scanners from us to validate tickets onsite.



For 50 years, the CMA Awards stage has been home to Country Music’s most iconic moments. Legends have been born. Country Music royalty has been crowned. The songs that touch the depths of our souls have become timeless.

CMA awards case study


Every year the client holds an invite-only pre-party and after-party. In the past, checking in has always been a major pain point using paper and excel files. They needed a way to maintain exclusivity, and quickly get the right people through the door to enjoy the event. They also wanted to maintain brand and a personal touch.


The solution was to have Guest Manager and their printing company work together to integrate scannable barcodes into the invite design. The client would then use our scanners to validate tickets at the door.

1D Barcode Zip File

1D barcodes, as shown in the sample ticket below, are very common barcode formats. We can provide a zip folder of as many barcode images as you need.

2D Barcode Zip File

Similar to the 1D barcodes, you may commonly recognize a 2D barcode as a QR code. We can provide this format as well.

Excel Barcode Number Export

In addition to the above, sometimes its easiest for your printer to deal with adding the barcodes to the ticket design. However, they need to know what barcode numbers to use, and thats where our export comes in.

DIY Barcode Numbers

Want to supply your own numbering sequence? No problem. Import those easily into our system, and then export the above files.

Attach Names To Ticket Numbers

With the 2,500 tickets imported, they also wanted to track which numbers were assigned to which guests. The majority of these names were imported via a CSV file, but there were also last-minute additions that they could assign easily via the Guest Manager interface.

Name Lookups

Some guests forgot their invites. Surprised? With a quick realtime lookup, the staff look up the ticket and check it in manually.

Sample Tickets