Case Study CODA Nightclub Toronto


CODA Nightclub made the switch from paper guestlist to Guest Manager in early 2015 and have never looked back. The speed, accuracy, and reliability of running the door using an iPad running Guest Check In Manager has been a smart move for their daily operations.

Guestlist management.
Row CSV Files
Import guestlists.
Weekly Events
Up to 1,200 guests per night.


CODA is a nightclub in Toronto, Ontario. Learn more about them on their website:


Paper guestlists. They are slow, prone to errors, and hard to edit last minute. The club needed a way to proess their lines faster, and present a more professional image and service to their guests.


Guest Manager for iPad is a digital, realtime guestlist. Typing the first few letters of a name will bring up the guest in seconds. The club can then check the guest in, record comps and discounts, and notes.

Customized Checkins

CODA can specify the data they need to track. For example, "Male Discount", "Male Comp", etc. Using a simple tally system, they are able to get rich event reports.

Offline Mode

Venue Wifi can sometimes be spotty. No problem. The app continues to work as expected without an internet connection. Checkins will be synced when internet is available.

Promoter Tracking

By specifying a Promoter column in their CSV import, they can easily track guest names to specific promoters without effort. Promoters can be attached to email and phone numbers for direct reports and adding guests last minute via SMS.