Guest Manager was born in late 2011 out of frustration with the current state of the ticketing industry: poor buying experiences, high service fees, and scalpers and ticket resellers that suck value from the industry.

Alas, ticketing competition is fierce and contracts are rarely won based on the merit of the software and features. So, we began to explore ways to offer software to the events industry, to companies that care about the stuff we care about: simple and easy to use software, brandable, reliable, and scalable.

We found that in smaller to medium sized events, festivals, corporate, nightclubs, and conferences. Clients choose us because we can let them take control of their ticketing - unlike competiing solutions that promote their own services on your event pages! The second reason that clients choose us is because we offer every feature they need from end to end. Most ticketing companies fail miserably at the onsite check ins. Check ins is our bread and butter.


To our clients

Is to serve your needs as an event organizer by producing high quality software and support. It's that simple. We have no other parties to please: we have no investors, no board, and no community outside of the events industry.

Our approach is lean, and we pass those savings onto you, both in the form of money and a frustration-free experience. When working with our support, you are always dealing with someone highly knowledgable and skilled in using the software. Often this means talking directly with the creators of the software - because our engineers are best suited to figure out what it is you need (or how we could do it). Our engineers are also highly personable.

To our guests

To provide the most easy to use, fast, and intuitive transactions possible. No fluff - get what you need done quickly and smoothly. Buy a ticket, transfer a ticket, make an RSVP, reserve tickets, update your email, resend your order confirmation... all these things and more made painless.


We cut right to the chase. What do you need? How can we help? Often clients come to us with their vision, their workflows, and ideas - and ask - can you do this? The answer is yes nearly all the time. And if not, we will propose immediately how could accomplish it in a timely manner. We also have a lot of expertise and experience in delivering solutions to the event industry. Given that, we are happy to offer our advice. Our mantra is to always keep things simple, fast, and flexible.



November of 2011 we opened shop in Vancouver, BC. Started by two friends, Jeff Blake and Michael Moll, our dream is to take on Ticketmaster. To do so we wanted to raise money, get investors, and do the whole startup thing.


In late February we fly to Barcelona, Spain to compete at the Mobile World Congress. We win 1st place, and return back to Canada with high hopes and ambitions to transform the ticketing industry. We finish out our year providing online ticketing for hundreds of events in the Vancouver area. Many a pavement was pounded, many long nights at nightclubs testing and tweaking our software.


Goals re-align. After a failed investment round, we started to question the path of the startup. Things were not working out between the founders, so they split paths, with Jeff taking on the business himself. Jeff no longer has the desire to startup meetups and events, talk to other entprepreneurs, raise money, or hire people. He simply wants to create valuable software for events and venues. And so the new journey began.


Operations are moved to Washington, just south of the border as Jeff finished school at UBC and returned home as an American. Long hours are spent iterating with clients and truly polishing every nook and cranny of the software. Jeff makes frequent trips to Canada for his larger event clients to perform onsite management. Many hours are spent in border crossing interrogations.


The software solution has become world-class. From online ticket selling, to guestlist management, to ecommerce storefront.. the feature list is insanely long. Clients love it. Jeff continues to build the company.